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Developmental & behavioral pediatrics

The Section of Developmental & Behavioral Pediatrics helps children with learning and developmental problems, traumatic brain injury and autism.
We can provide a new perspective to parents about what may be going on with their child who is suffering from cognitive or developmental problems. Many times a child may be having academic struggles with no clear diagnosis. We work with the child and family to determine if there are any neurodevelopmental issues that need to be addressed and treated.

Our services address the following issues:

  • Children with possible autism spectrum disorders
  • Academic struggles with no clear diagnosis
  • Learning disabilities where the family feels they need additional support
  • Global developmental delay with no diagnosis
  • Attention issues that are not responding to treatment
  • Syndromic/chromosomal disorders in which the family may need guidance understanding cognitive abilities, life planning, and other related issue
  • Motor delays without diagnosis

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